Red Hat Ansible Automation


Red Hat® Ansible® Automation is a powerful tool for organizing business environments. Ansible Automation manages Ansible technology used by thousands of organizations globally to help automate IT tasks such as configuration management, provisioning, workflow orchestra, application deployment, and lifecycle management.


One of Ansible’s distinguishing features is its low entry barrier. Ansible is agentless, so you don't need to make any changes to your servers or network equipment to get started. Just set up and get started in minutes. When you're ready, Red Hat Ansible Tower adds to Ansible's simplicity with improved security, scale and scope.


Ansible allows you to use workflows to make things easier and provides simple tools to share your solutions with your team. You can centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual control panel, role-based access control (RBAC), business planning, integrated notifications, and graphic inventory management. In addition, with the RESTful application programming interface (API), it is easy to place Ansible Tower in existing tools and processes.

Quick implementation

Access collections of supported, precomposed content—including those provided by certified partners—and distribute them throughout your organization.




Manage complex deployments


Centralize automation using Red Hat Ansible Tower—a built-in component of Ansible Automation Platform. Access a visual dashboard, grant role-based access, and schedule jobs with real-time playbook feedback across multiple geographic deployments.


Inform decisions with data


Automation Analytics—a SaaS capability that comes with your subscription—lets operations team members analyze and aggregate data, and generate reports on the status of your automation deployments.




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