Red Hat Enterprise Linux

To gain competitive advantage, IT organizations need to move from traditional infrastructure operations to flexible, service-oriented environments. Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 provides a smart, stable and security-oriented foundation for modern, agile business operations. Infrastructure consistency allows you to deploy applications, workloads and services using the same tools regardless of your location. As a result, you can deploy and operate the enterprise hybrid cloud environment your business needs faster and with less effort.

Combat intrusions and control compliance

Administrators can set up algorithmic criteria using system-wide security policies so apps automatically use the appropriate cryptographic package. And each subscription comes with Red Hat Insights, a predictive IT analytics service that identifies potential issues before they become problems.

Conquer complexity with integrated management

Built-in management components include a user-friendly web console and application streams, which lets you offer multiple app versions to multiple users. Pair Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat Smart Management to control your standard operating environments—on-site and across clouds.

Deploy containers on their native OS

Develop apps faster by running Red Hat OpenShift® on containers’ native Linux OS. Build, manage, and share containers using open source tools that let you tailor systems alongside other Open Container Initiative standards-compatible tools.


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