IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Set up the appropriate organizational models and governance practices to support agile integration, simplify the management of your integration architecture and reduce cost with the IBM Cloud Pak™ for Integration.  IBM Cloud Pak™ for Integration helps support the speed, flexibility, security and scale required for all of your integration and digital transformation initiatives, and comes pre-integrated with a set of capabilities including API lifecycle, application and data integration, messaging and events, high speed transfer and integration security. Running on Red Hat® OpenShift®, the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration gives businesses complete choice and agility to deploy workloads on premises and on private and public clouds.


IBM App Connect


App Connect is a market-leading enterprise bus (ESB) solution that enables your systems and applications to communicate with each other quickly and simply. With its special technology, App Connect can perform conversions between protocols and message types (eg FTP -> HTTPS, JSON -> XML, etc.) very quickly. In this way, applications regardless of platform (Windows, Linux, Mainframe, IoT, etc.), protocol (HTTP, AMQP, SMTP, FTP, SOAP, etc.) and data format (JSON, HTML, XML, Binary, etc.) and connect systems.

App Connect ile entegrasyon karmaşıklığını ortadan kaldırın

App Connect centralizes integration between applications and systems on a single interface, eliminating complexity, simplifying management, increasing employee productivity and saving costs.


App Connect supports multiple integration architectures, from traditional Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), API and micro services (MicroServices) to provide a single integration tool for your business. Lets you take advantage of hundreds of secure, pre-built connectors / adapters and integration capabilities to support your most complex enterprise needs. App Connect; Provides fast connectivity with pre-packaged smart connectors for ERP, CRM, HR and other applications; provides comprehensive support for various data protocols and formats, including technology connectors, files, REST / JSON, SOAP / XML, Open API, database, No-SQL and COBOL.







IBM MQ is a messaging middleware that simplifies and speeds up the integration of various applications across multiple platforms. IBM MQ, which can be used for systems with different physical location (country, city, etc.) and / or different working environment (operating system, architecture) to transfer and message lossless data with each other, creates a common protocol between the systems and collects data in message queues even if there are interruptions. intended to send the desired system. IBM MQ provides a single messaging solution, linking virtually anything from two simple application pairs to the most complex business environments (Cloud, on-premises, mobile, and Internet of Things, Mainframe, etc.).

IBM MQ integrates with different types of applications through support for multiple platform configurations, including industry-standard JMS messaging, scalable publishing-subscription, and API options. Provides options for integrated managed file transfer and connectivity to mobile devices through a single messaging layer.  

IBM MQ ensures that data is sent with low latency and highest quality of service. It helps ensure that real-time information is accessible and available from anywhere and at any time. If network failure occurs, it provides reliable delivery without loss of message, duplicate information, or complex recovery. Security is the basic requirement to protect data at every stage. IBM MQ provides message-level security with end-to-end encryption for your point-to-point messaging system infrastructure.





IBM API Connect


IBM API Connect; It is a management solution that covers all of the API and Microservice lifecycle, creation, operation, management and security processes. API Connect is for organizations that want to smooth and accelerate their experience in the API economy. Application programming interfaces (API) in API economy; It has a digital unifying function that connects applications, services and systems. This enables businesses to make the most of data to create attractive customer experiences and open new return channels.

IBM API Connect has a broad and powerful reporting interface on usage analytics. Using the analytics module that comes with API Connect, you can view which APIs are used, how often, response times, or which APIs are not working correctly. This analytical data enables you to respond quickly to new opportunities.





Some of the advantages IBM Connect offers:

  • Manage all APIs, API versions, lifecycle, subscription plans, and subscribers from a single interface.
  • You can build APIs in a non-coding, drag-and-drop, configuration-based approach.
  • Allows you to build high-quality, scalable and secure APIs for application servers, databases, enterprise service buses (ESBs), and mainframes within minutes.
  • Publish your APIs, features, and how to use them to all developers and partners through the web portal that comes with API Connect.
  • Drupal-based customizable web portal can be designed to reflect your own corporate identity.
  • Both service providers and customers can follow detailed usage statistics through graphical interfaces. 
  • Provides integrated tools for creating, debugging, and deploying APIs and Microservices using Node.js or Java.




IBM API Connect is the leader in API Management solutions





IBM DataPower Gateway


IBM DataPower Gateway helps organizations meet their security and integration needs on a single multi-channel gateway. It provides Security, Control, Integration and Optimized access to all mobile, web, application programming interface (API), service-oriented architecture (SOA), B2B and cloud workloads. IBM DataPower Gateway can help address high-cost IT issues associated with enterprise mobility as well as point-to-point connectivity and integration, application and data security, API management and security with a single gateway. It offers a single, consistent, configuration-based approach to security and integration. Helps simplify topology, reduce development costs, and simplify operations, resulting in cost savings and lower risk.

IBM DataPower Gateway provides point-to-point high-speed message conversion (such as XML2JSON), transfer protocol bridge (such as FTP2HTTP), database connectivity, mainframe connectivity, and enhanced contextual routing for faster and secure connections between service customers and suppliers. presents. Flexible speed limitation, service level contract (SLA) implementation and intelligent load distribution (load balancer) capabilities enable traffic control / management. Performs Authentication, Authorization, and Audit for incoming / outgoing requests. It can also send and scan additional documents included in the requests to an anti-virus software and ensure that action is taken according to the scan result.

IBM DataPower Gateway is a proven market-leading product used by 90% of banks. It is also the API gateway to the industry-leading IBM API Connect product.


Before and after using IBM DataPower Gateway


In today's technology world, infrastructures, application types and messaging types are becoming increasingly different. In order to ensure the secure integration of all these systems and applications, each application and system-specific development is required. This situation becomes unmanageable after a while. The IBM DataPower Gateway comes into play at this stage, enabling the centralized management of security and integration requirements at system and application levels.



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