IBM Instana

IBM Instana


IBM Instana provides enterprise observability to improve application performance management and speed up CI/CD pipelines, independent of where your applications and infrastructure are located.

With more than 250 industry-specific microsensors, users can make our applications more observable with IBM Instana.

Companies can deploy IBM Instana product as an on-premises solution or as a SaaS solution.





Continuously monitor your dynamic environments with second-level metrics, record all changes, and obtain full observability in your dynamic environments.

Status Analysis

Group components, services, and requests logically. Analyze the data collected in real-time and transform it into contextual models.

Artificial Intelligence

You can use machine learning algorithms to detect and analyze problems in our systems. This allows you to quickly and accurately identify the root cause of problems and prioritize them based on time and problem type.

Ease of Use

Integrate with your systems easily and save time and effort thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive platform.

Dynamic Tables

Allows you to view the data you need in real-time in dynamic tables.

Use Cases

Application Performance Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Cloud, Infrastructure Monitoring

Microservice Monitoring


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