IBM Turbonomic


Sustainable IT with IBM Turbonomic

When application performance drops, teams are often reacting at human speed, after the fact. To avoid disruption, you may overprovision resource allocations, making estimates that are often costly and don’t always pay off.

The IBM® Turbonomic® platform allows you to eliminate this guesswork, saving both time and money. You can continuously automate critical actions in real time—and without human intervention—that proactively deliver the most efficient use of compute, storage and network resources to your apps at every layer of the stack.

Why IBM Turbonomics?

33% reduction in public cloud consumption spend

471% ROI in under 6 months

75% reduction in annual infrastructure renewal costs

IBM Turbonomic software uses an application-driven, top-down approach to stitch your resources, such as memory, CPU and storage, together. It’s much more than visibility and monitoring; the IBM Turbonomic platform continuously considers how each entity, such as a VM or container, works with and impacts every layer, bridging silos for increased collaboration.


Prevents performance problems!

When you see the relationships between resources in the full stack, you can prevent issues before they become problems. IBM Turbonomic delivers exactly the resources each application needs — nothing more, nothing less.

Provides trustworthy actions!

With a complete understanding of the application stack, you can trust IBM Turbonomic’s recommendations and automate actions to improve performance without disruption.

Reduces carbon footprint!

You’ve committed to reducing your organization's environmental footprint but face many questions as you pursue your sustainability goals.

Now you can make an immediate impact on energy use by optimizing how you allocate resources to applications throughout your ecosystem. When applications consume only what they need to perform, you can increase utilization, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, and achieve continuously efficient operations. The IBM® Turbonomic® platform uses intelligent automation to help you do just that.



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