Portfolio management is the task of ensuring the balanced distribution of finance, personnel and other resources between the projects in the organization by taking into consideration the priorities and capacity of the organization and thus maximizing the benefit of the portfolio to the organization. An organization can have multiple portfolios, each serving a separate strategy and a separate business objective. Planview handles your projects / portfolios as a whole and allows them to be managed, prioritized, executed and tracked from a single center. Thus, it helps you get the highest return on your investments while reducing your risk.

PLANVIEW; It provides the most comprehensive solutions for the planning and management of business and resources in the most effective way for the organizations such as strategic planning, resource management, product portfolio management, talent and technology management (enterprise architecture) and innovation management to implement their strategies. The Planview solution portfolio is grouped under the following headings:

  • Strategic planning
  • Product Creativity
  • Portfolio and Resource Management
  • Technology Management
  • Lean and agile project approach
  • Common information sharing environments


Planview solutions cover every business, resource and organization class to meet the changing needs of diverse and dispersed teams, departments and businesses.

As a global leader in business and resource management, Planview makes it easy for all organizations to achieve their business goals.

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