IBM Envizi


IBM Envizi ESG Suite

Simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of your environmental, social and governance (ESG) data

Why Envizi?

Remove the barriers to accelerating sustainability performance

Today’s leaders are excited and energized by the chance to reimagine business and commerce with a sustainability-first mindset. IBM Envizi ESG Suite removes the challenges and complexity of ESG data collection, analysis and reporting so you can harness the power of data to fast-track your success.


Envizi’s suite of cloud-based, ESG software products work together in three ways: 

1. Build a Data Foundation by automating the collection and consolidation of more than 500 ESG data types into a single system of auditable, financial-grade data.

2. Streamline Reporting and Disclosures with Envizi’s powerful emissions calculation engine and flexible reporting tools to meet strict internal and external requirements.

3. Accelerate Decarbonization by identifying energy and emissions savings opportunities and tracking progress at every stage of your journey.


Emissions management

Accurately calculate, analyze, track and report GHG performance.

Scope 1, 2 GHG Accounting + Reporting

Envizi 1  Remove the work from calculating complex Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Scope 3 GHG Accounting + Reporting

Envizi 2  Calculate Scope 3 emissions using GHG Protocol methods.

Target Setting + Tracking

envizi 3  Set and track your carbon-reduction targets to speed decarbonization.

ESG Reporting Frameworks

envizi 4  Simplify ESG reporting across major frameworks with one data set.

Building Ratings + Benchmarks

envizi 5  View building footprint performance and send data directly to frameworks.

Value Chain Surveys + Assessments

envizi 6  Capture ESG data from third parties without error-prone email or spreadsheet solutions.

Utility Bill Analytics

envizi 7  Analyze utility data and report on cost, consumption and benchmark performance.

Interval Meter Analytics

envizi 8  Automate the capture and analysis of high-resolution meter data to drive energy efficiency.

Sustainability Program Tracking

envizi 9  Track and manage ESG and sustainability initiatives to streamline program outcomes.


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